Online Resources for Learning Music

Those who are passionate about music no longer have to worry about where to start. With the availability of the internet and improved technology, there are various ways which one can learn music, ranging from online music schools to apps, without breaking their back. It doesn’t matter whether you want to understand the theory of music or simply want to learn how to play various musical instruments; all these can easily be accessed via the internet. Below are some resources that can be used to learn music online.

This online platform helps upcoming musicians to learn in-depth details about the theory of music. Theoretical music skills help musicians to compose their own music. It also equips them with the capabilities of reading sheet music. With, aspiring musicians can easily practice and learn music, without having to go through the frustration of trying to learn other people’s notes and pitch.


YouTube is a great learning platform when it comes to learning music. The detailed videos easily guide learners step by step, and they are prepared by people who have perfected the art. The video tutorials make it easier for aspiring musicians to follow, learn and enjoy music. Apparently, everything one needs to know about music is found on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Ultimate Guitar

With the internet, gone are the days when finding a guitar trainer was an uphill task. Today, we talk of online courses in Sweden, France, Britain, Germany, the United States and India, among other nations (online courses can be accessed from virtually everywhere). As the name suggests, Ultimate Guitar is available for guitar lovers. It has well-structured articles which guide a learner on the basics and tricks of guitar playing. It also offers tutorials on other instruments similar to the guitar. So, if you want to read guitar tabs for every written song and their tablature, this is the site that you don’t want to miss.

If you want to become a producer, can help you to learn how to create music using software. It has brilliant articles which help deconstruct and construct several electronic music aspects and genres.


Meludia is actually one of the best apps which you can use to learn music theory. It embraces the profound traditional way of teaching music that has been adopted by Its approach to music is cultured with various fusions and gives learners a different and unique sense of harmony.


This helps aspiring musicians to get to grips with playing musical instruments. With its in-built metronomes, learners can instantly get feedback on playing a particular instrument, which actually makes the site learner friendly. It contains guides on different music genres, and it’s very enjoyable since it reduces boredom during learning.