Changes How People Perceive You

If every human being had their own song, it would perhaps be easier to understand them even before starting to interact with them. The potential of music to change how the world sees us is a powerful tool that politicians use during their campaigns. These people carefully choose specific songs that can portray them positively and resonate with the public. The songs usually become synonymous with their campaign policies and message, which makes it easy to convince the voters to vote for them. The same applies to wrestlers and boxers, who more than often, play a specific tune when entering the ring. This helps to intimidate the opponent or set the pace for the fight.

Additionally, music has the power to create association. Besides the meaningful lyrics, the tone and beat are also very important. Minor and major keys tend to be associated with negative and positive emotions respectively. Think of how listening to a song with a positive beat and positive lyrics can help you begin your day on a positive note – this works. If you don’t have a personal theme music piece, it may be time to find one.