Maintaining Your Image as a Musician

While the music industry primarily focuses on the music that’s made, a prominent aspect is image. The industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and it’s getting harder to break out into a successful and distinguished career. As a result, image for a musician is, now more than ever, just as important as the music itself. Here are some straightforward tips for maintaining your image as a musician in the industry.


Having a good sense of style is an excellent initial step in terms of building and maintaining your image as a musician. Singers, bands, and even more classical orchestras will frequently find themselves being in the public eye, with photographers wishing to take pictures and having to attend public-facing events such as concerts and award ceremonies. It’s one thing to sound good, but you also need to look great for your fans. Your image is part of your overall brand and what visually represents your music, so your style should very much reflect the genre. For a classical pianist, this may involve tailored suits, for instance. Or a rock star may wear leather jackets with denim jeans and have their hair styled in a certain way with chains as accessories. Your overall style is what everyone is going to see, and many fans may judge you on this, so it’s essential to get those wardrobe choices just right. Consider spending some time with a stylist who will be able to help you choose the outfits best matched to you and the image you’re aiming to portray.


Long nights on tour and in the recording studio can take their toll on the skin of musicians. Tired-looking eyes and wrinkled faces don’t have to be a problem, however. By maintaining a good skincare routine, you can not only keep your skin looking how it does already but can make it look even better. Choosing the right cleanser and face creams for your skin isn’t always easy, which is why it’s important to know what your skin type is (oily or regular, for instance) and what your overall goals are. Do you simply want your skin to remain moisturized and refreshed, or are you trying to banish those tired-looking dark circles from beneath your eyes for good? Whatever your goals are, brands such as verso night cream are available to help you maintain the best possible skincare routine.

Social Media

While the way you look is certainly a big part of your image, it isn’t exclusive. The way you conduct yourself on popular social media sites is increasingly becoming a big part of any musicians image, with fans often scrolling back through years worth of Tweets and sometimes taking offense to the things their favorite artist has previously said. It’s essential to monitor what you say on social media, as everyone can see it. Once you’ve posted something online, it can be screenshotted and remembered for the rest of your career. Use social media to promote yourself and your music, engage with your loyal fans, and communicate with other people within your industry. Be careful with what you say, always ensuring that you won’t come to regret it in the future.

Overall, maintaining a good image is crucial for any musician. This doesn’t have to be complicated, however, and the above tips can help.