How to Choose the Best Music for Your Private Event

Professional event planners know that music plays a crucial role in a private event. In this article, we are going to give you some food for thought and some practical suggestions.

Afternoon Parties and Tea Parties

If you are having guests in the afternoon, you can create the right atmosphere by choosing ambient tracks with classy sounds, preferably instrumental. If it’s a celebration that mostly involves young people, you can even plan to have a deejay over to play smooth jazz or chill out tracks.

For a formal tea party, such as a club celebration or a fundraising event, it’s better to go for a classical repertoire, which is always a favourite. Imagine your party location decorated with fancy tables and chairs, an embroidered tablecloth with fine china on top, such as the beautiful Royal Copenhagen porcelain, cosy lights and a symphony orchestra playing through the sound system!

Evening Parties

You can choose between a deejay and a band that will play live. If you’re planning a dance party, make sure that the deejay knows well in advance the type of music that you would like to listen to during the event. Usually, a professional deejay will make you choose between ’60/70’ songs, ’80/90’ tracks, the latest chart hits, or even a combination of different styles.

If you hire a band, the musicians will have to arrive to the event well in advance, so that they can place their instruments and perform a sound check to ensure a smooth and enjoyable performance.

Kids Parties

For toddlers and young children, we suggest that you choose a repertoire of cheerful songs and why not, sung rhymes. Just make sure that the volume level is not too high, because loud sounds can stress babies and make them tired and grumpy!