Why You Should Use an SEO Tool to Boost Your Career in the Music Industry

We live in a digitalized world. Almost everything that we need is just a click away. If you are a musician, you will probably agree that the web is a great opportunity for the art that you produce.

Just a few years back, the only way to actually have an audience was by playing gigs in nightclubs and live concert venues. Sometimes, a local contest would serve as an “amplifier” for your music, but that was it. All you could do was waiting to be noticed by someone that “counted” in the music industry and eventually get a good contract deal. That would happen once in a million times, literally.

Today, we have YouTube, streaming services, websites and social networks. We can watch live concerts on web platforms and download our favourite music in a matter of seconds. Most of these services are free, while some others require a small, affordable fee. What’s on the web is available to every single internet user in the world.

But in such a tremendous amount of great musicians and bands, how can you stand out and find the place under the spotlight that you rightfully deserve? The good news is, there are special tools called SEO tools, that can make your life much easier if you decide to make it big on the web.

Attract Visitors to your Website and Social Pages

Did you know that when you post content on your website or social pages, you should carefully use the words to target your audience? An SEO tool, such as the one that you find on https://www.wincher.com/, helps you to identify the words (called “keywords”) that are likely to be searched, with special reference to your niche. If your content has the right keyword density, this information will be picked up by the search engine algorithms and your site and pages will soon rank better in Google.

Create Successful Ad Campaigns

When it comes to promotion, you should really take advantage of the web services, such as Facebook ads or promoted posts for Twitter. Imagine you have an important gig, a tour or a new music release; if you create an advertising campaign on the web, you will reach an important number of people, way beyond the limits of your current contacts and followers.

With an SEO tool such as Wincher, you will be able to know how your social pages are performing and which are the words that lead to your website. That way, you will be able to adjust your promotional campaign accordingly. Plus, a good SEO tool will generate complete reports about your activity and will also help you to identify your possible competitors. Basically, an SEO tool will act as a “marketing assistant”, without the need to hire an expensive professional.