A Way of Expression and Communication

Many people today tend to hind their inner self because they fear facing rejection from the society. Think of a street dancer, who has no any affiliations with a known music band. Seeing such a person dance in the streets may tempt you to think they are insane, which may actually not be the case. Your perception would be completely different if you saw the dancer showcasing their talent at a music concert. Music is an avenue through which people express who they are, in various ways, including singing, rapping, playing instruments and teaching. There is no fun in locking yourself up in a house to express who you are.

Besides providing a platform for expression, music is a channel of communication. History has shown that many successful musicians communicated their messages through music. Take Lucky Dube for instance: this reggae icon was known to castigate racial segregation, among other vices in the society. He communicated his message pretty well through music. A musician like Peter Tosh communicated his revolutionary ideas through music. Although his message did not resonate with the political class in Jamaica, Tosh communicated his message effectively through music.