Hip-hop originated in New York in 1970s, and soon found favor with Afro-Americans. Although it is widely believed that hip-hop is synonymous with rap music, the two are in fact different music styles, each with its distinctive characteristics. Compared to rap, hip-hop is a bigger genre, which can either be accompanied with rapping or not. Better still, it can be paired with other genres without losing its characteristic traits. Hip-hop is a complex culture that comprises of rapping, deejaying, graffiti painting, and “B-boying.” In some cases, a fifth component called consciousness is added to the mix.

One amazing thing about hip-hop is that it is as popular today as it were more than 40 years ago, when it was started. Having started as a fad among the youth of the New York City, hip-hop seemingly appeals to almost every music enthusiast today. Walk into any club or music concert where hip-hop is played and you will be amazed by how both the young and old people enjoy dancing the music. Watching hip-pop musicians perform on TV or live on stage is fun. The fluid movement of these artists cannot be taken for granted – it is captivating.