Promotes Cultural Cohesion

Try to recall one children’s song or lullaby passed down from generation to generation. Today, almost every country has a national anthem, which is usually sung at special events or ceremonies like public holidays or sports events. Music is a way through which people communicate belonging, which leads to increased sense of obligation towards one’s group.

Discovering that other people like the music you love tempts you to think better of them as though a musical taste has other importance attached to it, other than entertainment. Researchers have discovered that people tend to associate a certain musical taste with certain values. For example, people associate roots reggae with values, such as social equality, peace, love and unity. These values were consistently preached by reggae musicians like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Lucky Dube. Associating music with such values shapes the way we think, behave and treat other people in the society. In fact, many musicians have a lot of influence in the society, and that’s why their fans believe in and spread the values they preach. Like language, value-loaded music is passed on from one generation to another.